What is the Silicon Valley Climate Alliance?

We are an alliance of climate change, environmental, and social justice organizations in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties who recognize that climate change affects our entire society and that meaningful action must be broad-based and inclusive. Climate change connects to all the major issues we face today: housing, transportation, health care, jobs, income, and much more.   As an alliance, through mutual support and by coordinating our climate efforts, we can make a difference.  That’s why we formed our own Silicon Valley climate action alliance…. to be ‘one movement,’ working together for bold climate action. As an alliance, we can be a unified force in accelerating the move to a carbon-free energy environment.

Our History ...  The Silicon Valley Climate Action Alliance was formed in early 2016 by San Mateo and Santa Clara County climate activists.  Our members are local leaders in the areas of climate organizing, housing, transportation, faith, and politics.    Alliance members have played a leading role on these issues and more:

  • Becoming carbon-free,
  • Banning fracking in SCC,
  • Educating faith communities on climate action opportunities,
  • Moving the country towards a revenue neutral carbon tax,
  • Promoting a green political agenda,
  • Helping Community Choice Energy and low cost clean energy get launched,
  • Stopping oil trains through our neighborhoods,
  • Leading fossil fuel divestment movements,
  • Fighting for better public transportation and less traffic congestion, and
  • Advocating for affordable and energy efficient housing