Our Members

Individuals affiliated with the following organizations are members of the SVClimate Action Alliance.  As Alliance members, they support the actions and publications of the Alliance (except where specifically noted) and serve as communications links to and from the Alliance and their affiliated organizations. For further information about our members’ affiliated groups, please link to their home pages.

350 Silicon Valley….http://www.350siliconvalley.org/

350 Silicon Valley is a local Santa Clara and San Mateo County grassroots effort working to solve the climate crisis as part of 350.org a global grassroots climate movement.  We were active locally in defeating the Keystone XL pipeline and now have active campaigns on Fossil Fuel Resistance, Divestment, Climate Solutions, and Partnership/Climate Alliance Development.


Acterra is a non-profit environmental education-and-action organization that brings people together to create solutions for a healthy planet. We focus on local action to address current environmental problems. Acterra works in the areas of energy and climate change, corporate sustainability, and advocacy to build an informed and empowered citizenry. With a history going back to 1970, Acterra is now focusing its efforts on the most urgent issue of our time: climate change. We promote energy efficiency and renewables, innovative transportation, and sustainable business practices throughout the region.

Carbon Free Mountain View

Carbon Free Mountain View (CFMV) was founded in 2013. Its vision is a thriving carbon-neutral Mountain View and Silicon Valley. Its mission is to reduce GHG emissions in 2025 by 40% compared to 2005. CFMV is the organization that spearheaded the creation of the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Authority, the agency that will begin delivering 100% GHG-free electricity in 2017 to the residents and businesses in eleven Silicon Valley cities and the unincorporated portions of the County. CFMV is now turning its attention to persuading city governments to adopt and achieve annual GHG reduction targets.

Web site: http://www.carbonfreemountainview.org/


Carbon Free Palo Altohttp://www.carbonfreepaloalto.org

Carbon Free Palo Alto’s (CFPA) mission is to articulate a vision of carbon neutrality for Palo Alto’s energy systems and to make that vision a reality. We are a grassroots citizen activism organization spearheaded by Palo Alto activists deeply concerned about climate change and committed to spurring a sustained and meaningful local response to climate change.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby- San Mateo (RWC), Silicon Valley North(MV) and Silicon Valley South (San Jose)


Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) is a grass roots national organization, using volunteer lobbyists to create the political will for Congress to pass a Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax(Fee) in which fossil fuels are taxed at the point of extraction or importation and 100% of the revenue is distributed to households in dividend checks. CCL has local groups in almost every Congressional district and its members meet regularly with the legislators and editorial boards.


Friends of Caltrain...http://www.greencaltrain.com/friends-of-caltrain/

Friends of Caltrain is a nonprofit with over 5000 participants on the Peninsula corridor from San Francisco through San Jose and beyond, supporting stable funding for Caltrain, successful modernization, and integration into a comprehensive transit network, with equitable access and transit-supportive policies on the corridor.


Green Party of Santa Clara County...http://cagreens.org/santaclara/

The Green Party of California platform express the Green Party's key values as they apply to the public policies that affect our lives, including Ecology,Community-Based Sustainable Economics, Democracy and Electoral Reform, Peace and Non-violence, and Social Justice and Livable Communities.

Palo Alto Forward...www.paloaltoforward.com/

Palo Alto Forward is a group of residents interested in crafting a vision for the future of Palo Alto that embraces innovation and smart growth rather than stasis and no growth. We believe in approaching challenges like traffic and parking with a "can-do" attitude and believe there are positive outcomes and opportunities when we plan for future growth holistically and in strategic locations.

Peninsula Democratic Coalition...http://www.peninsulademocrats.com/

The PDC is the largest and oldest Democratic Club in Silicon Valley. The PDC is an active club, sponsoring events open to the public such as the PDC’s March 20, 2016, event entitled “Climate Change, Local Challenges and Solutions.” The PDC has a long history of promoting Democratic candidates and ideals.  It is chartered by both the Santa Clara and San Mateo County Democratic Central Committees.

Peninsula Interfaith Climate Actionhttp://interfaithpower.org/get-involved-3/pica/

We are members of about a dozen Bay Area local Peninsula congregations who meet to share ideas and practices for saving energy and water in our facilities, educate the members of our congregations about how to protect Earth’s climate and share information with each other about our programs. We also work with our local governments and state legislators to advocate for energy conservation policies and divestment from fossil fuels. Participants from any faith tradition are welcome, whether or not you are a member of a local congregation.  PICA is also a Regional Working Group of Californian Interfaith Power and Light.  For information, contact Debbie Mytels at (650) 856-7580.

Peninsula Peace and Justice Centerhttp://www.peaceandjustice.org/

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (PPJC) is dedicated to building coalitions among organizations to make its work more effective. The organization's efforts have led to the formation of coalitions fighting against U.S. military intervention, corporate globalization, the death penalty and other issues. PPJC is committed to involving individuals in the struggle for a just and humane world, using the power of democracy and taking to heart the premise that in a democracy, the people should lead.

City of Santa Clara Green Action Committee

This group is formerly the Sierra Club Cool City team for Santa Clara. It currently works to green the City. Primary areas of focus are making sure the Climate Action Plan is being followed, more transit oriented development is built, more bike lanes are constructed and open space is preserved.

santa-clara-green-action@googlegroups.com or sudsjain@mail2web.com

Transition Palo Alto...http://transitionpaloalto.org/

Transition Palo Alto is part of a worldwide grassroots movement to build community resilience in response to climate change, resource depletion, and economic crisis.  The goal is to create a society that’s less energy intensive and more connected, meaningful, and rewarding. Centered in Palo Alto, TPA involves people throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.  TPA events include Fourth Friday/Films of Vision and Hope, sharing events, new economy events, Transition Cafes, book and conversation groups, and more.

Transform... www.transformca.org/

TransForm promotes walkable communities with excellent transportation choices to connect people of all incomes to opportunity, keep California affordable and help solve our climate crisis. With diverse partners we engage communities in planning, run innovative programs and win policy change at the local, regional and state levels.