Get Involved

Join Us.  From our original core group of representatives from 15+ organizations, we’re expanding our connections to:

More climate, environmental, and social justice groups, and groups facing a wide range of issues where climate change is having an impact, such as:

Faith communities
Neighborhood community groups
Jobs and the economy
And more.

It’s easy to become a member of’s how…

  • send us a single paragraph description of your organization and a link to your homepage
  • designate an individual from your organization to act as liaison with the Alliance
  • authorize your designated liaison individual to;
    • receive and review communications from the Alliance,
    • distribute Alliance communications and requests to your members (such as position papers) and
    • use his or her own discretion regarding endorsement of those communications.
  • send us announcements about your planned activities for inclusion in the Alliance newsletter
  • participate in Alliance meetings, workshops and events within the scope and time availability of your own organization’s activities

    Other member information…

  • Alliance expenses are being funded at present through donations.
  • Any organization is welcome (local, regional or national) with a presence in Santa Clara or San Mateo counties and with either a;
    • primary focus on the environment and climate change or
    • with a climate change-related team within a non-environmental organization

     Contact Us.  For announcements or further information, email Stew Plock at .